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Mar 19, 2024 | Media Release

Charting Empowerment: Recognition of PWPBN’s Voyage to Leadership Symposium in Parliament by MP Charishma Kaliyanda

March 19, 2024
MP Charishma Kaliyanda’s journey, from her groundbreaking role as the first Indian-born MP in Liverpool City Council to her unwavering commitment to community recognition, in a recent NSW Parliament session, shared the profound community impact of the Pacific Women’s Professional Business Network Voyage to Leadership Symposium, a pivotal component of the 2024 International Women’s Day celebrations. Charishma’s active participation in the PWPBN’s “A Voyage to Leadership Symposium” for Pacific young women underscores her dedication to amplifying diverse voices and fostering empowerment.
In expressing the essence of the symposium, Loau Donina Va’a, Chair of the Pacific Women’s Professional Business Network, emphasized the importance of unity and collective effort, stating, “We cannot paddle alone; we all bring something unique to the table. To do this, we must remember our ancestors, our mentors, and those walking beside us and coming tomorrow.”

Two fundamental aspects of this symposium for Pacific young women include:


Inaugural Symposium in Australia: This pioneering event tailored exclusively for Pacific young women represents a significant milestone in recognizing their invaluable contributions and potential. It serves as a vital platform to address their distinctive challenges in leadership, education, and well-being, underlining the critical need for dedicated spaces for Pacific women’s empowerment.


Cross-Cultural Exchange and Understanding: Through engaging activities like the “Wisdom Weave: Pacific-Aboriginal Cultural Exchange” and the enlightening “Cultural Showcase,” the symposium facilitates meaningful interactions and dialogue between Pacific and Aboriginal cultures. This fosters a deeper understanding of diversity and interconnectedness, fostering stronger bonds and solidarity among diverse communities. Such exchanges lay the groundwork for collaborative advocacy and leadership initiatives.

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