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Core Pacific Collective Ready to Turn the Tide on COVID-19

November 29, 2022
Core Pacific Collective - Turning the Tide on COVID-19

Groundbreaking Network, the Core Pacific Collective ready to turn the tide on COVID-19, Liverpool, NSW

Today, the Pacific Women’s Professional Business Network (PWPBN) and the NSW Council for Pacific Communities (NSWCPC), partners under the groundbreaking network, the Core Pacific Collective, have turned the tide on COVID-19 with the launch of the children and hope inspired COVID-19 resources. The Pacific Islands Mt Druitt Action Network, University of Sydney and the Pacific Mental Health Initiative are also partners under the Core Pacific Collective.

“We are in a unique time, with lots of lessons learnt about COVID-19 and resilience, however at times we have forgotten the voice of children, and having children inspired resources like these will make a difference’ says Liverpool Mayor Ned Mannoun.

Councillor Charishma Kaliyanda, Chair NSWCPC Mal Fruean. Seini Afeaki, Professor Jioji Ravulo Liverpool Mayor Ned Mannoun, Chair PWPBN Donina Va'a, Honourable Mark Coure, Minister Multiculturalism and for Seniors. Councillor Karress Rhodes and Jaithoon Venkteshwar

Councillor Charishma Kaliyanda, Chair NSWCPC Mal Fruean. PWPBN Senior Advisor Executive Seini Afeaki, Professor Jioji Ravulo, Liverpool Mayor Ned Mannoun, Chair PWPBN Donina Va'a, Honourable Mark Coure, Minister Multiculturalism and for Seniors, Councillor Karress Rhodes, PWPBN Secretary Jaithoon Venkteshwar

The resources were designed to advance understanding of living with COVID-19, foster cross-cultural and inclusive learning and strengthened partnerships, planning, decision-making and action to support the local Pacific communities. This project provides a platform for our children a Voice through storytelling. The CORE Pacific Collective responding collaboratively to COVID-19 through our children bringing hope and light.

Funded by MNSW to support Pacific communities to be COVID-19 safe, the projects enabled participation by children, women and the elderly, the vulnerable groups in our community. It’s an opportunity for Pacific learning and sharing of best practice ideas to be COVID-19 safe.

Launching the resources, the Minister for Multiculturalism and for Seniors, the Hon. Mark Coure noted that during the pandemic, the Pacific community spirit brought people together to ensure that credible and relevant information was shared across the community and acknowledged the Pacific community leadership. Multicultural NSW will continue to be there every step of the Way.

The Chair of the NSW Council for Pacific Communities, Mal Fruean shared on the heartwarming CHILL (Choose How I look @ Life) Hope Portraits. Special Talanoa (talk) sessions were conducted with four families who have lost loved ones during COVID. Through Talanoa healing sessions the Hope Family Portraits were developed. CHILL focused on the respectful engagement of cultural creatives with the narrative of mental health and wellbeing.

The Little Health Inspectors was led by Sela Ahosivi-Atiola, author of ‘I am Lupe’, where fun-kids sessions were held with young children to learn about COVID-19, promote hygiene practices and create a story on how to combat COVID-19 including character development and story plotting. Ocean and life inspired Samuela Taukave, created Kids Korna videos, using storytelling and music to engage young children on simple ways to stay safe and healthy. The videos can be sourced from the NSW Council for Pacific Communities website.

Launching children’s resources, an interactive children’s book titled the Little Health Inspectors and sing along videos, PWPBN Chair Loau Donina Va’a emphasized the need to make cross-sectoral work a norm because this strengthens inclusion and achieves better support and access for all. The gamechanger she said is, in creating a world of new normalcy, children must be included specially in giving hygiene mega importance for a healthy, vibrant Pacific population tomorrow. We can turn the tide on COVID-19 with the right focus and targeted investments in our children and young people.

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