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CORE Pacific Collective’s Collaborative Approach to COVID-19 Response in Pacific Communities

May 10, 2024
CORE Pacific Collective 2024

Location: Greater Western Sydney, NSW — The CORE Pacific Collective, comprising renowned Pasifika leaders Jioji Ravulo, Seini Afeaki, Malaemie Fruean, Donina Va’a, and Maherau Arona, continues to lead a culturally centred, community-led initiative addressing health needs during the COVID-19 pandemic across Pacific communities in New South Wales.

Drawing on the principles outlined in their recently published work, “Responding Collaboratively to COVID-19 and Our Health Needs Across Pacific Communities” in Disrupting the Academy with Lived Experience-Led Knowledge: Decolonising and Disrupting the Academy by Lenette, Caroline, et al., Bristol University Press, 2024, available on Project MUSE (, the collective emphasizes the use of ‘talanoa.’ This traditional Pacific form of dialogue serves as a potent tool for research and knowledge creation, engaging local Pacific-Indigenous peoples and their support structures effectively.

Key Achievements:

  • Enhanced Communication: Through videos in Pacific-Indigenous languages and interactive social media events, the collective has significantly improved the community’s understanding of COVID-19.
  • Increased Vaccination Rates: By hosting vaccination hubs and disseminating culturally appropriate health information, they have actively combated misinformation and vaccine hesitancy.
  • Community Empowerment: The collective has reinforced the importance of integrating spiritual, religious, and traditional practices with western medical advice, empowering communities to make informed health decisions.

Social Justice and Inclusion: The CORE Pacific Collective’s work is deeply rooted in the principles of social justice, ensuring access, equity, and participation across all community activities. By centering Pasifika perspectives, they advocate for human rights and social inclusion, leading to more comprehensive and effective community responses.

Future Directions: The collective remains committed to its mission of decolonizing health responses and advocating for the unique needs of Pacific communities. With ongoing collaborations with NSW Health and local community agencies, the CORE Pacific Collective continues to be a pivotal force in shaping health policy and community practices that honor and integrate the lived experiences of Pacific peoples.

Contact: For more details on the CORE Pacific Collective’s initiatives and to access resources, please visit Pacific Women’s Professional & Business Network Website (


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