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International Women's Day

Celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of Pacific women.

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Honour Her

Recognize and show appreciation of the sacrifices and hard work of our dearest mothers. It’s her we turn to when needs arise. Thank you.

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Advocacy & Networking

Enabling women to develop strong networks locally and nationally, taking advantage of our international connections.

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Personal Well-being & Professional Development

Providing authentic leadership on women’s issues and building the capability of emerging women and girl leaders.


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Sunrise Sisterhood Breakfast

Sunrise Sisterhood Brekkie is a health & wellbeing adventure, Walking for Positive Mental Health. Pacific women can come together to engage in a physical exercise while engaged in heart to heart discussions, share experiences, and build a strong community of support.

Young Pacific Women’s Collective

The Young Pacific Women’s Collective is collaboratively creating a secure and introspective environment! PWPBN is founded on inclusivity and driven by collaboration, openness, respect, and empowerment.

Core Pacific Collective Ready to Turn the Tide on COVID-19

Core Pacific Collective Ready to Turn the Tide on COVID-19

The Pacific Women’s Professional Business Network (PWPBN) and NSW Council for Pacific Communities (NSWCPC), under the groundbreaking network, the Core Pacific Collective, have turned the tide on COVID-19 with the launch of the children and hope inspired COVID-19 resources.

COVID-19 Hope Toolkit Developed for Pasifika Community in 6 Translations

COVID-19 Hope Toolkit Developed for Pasifika Community in 6 Translations

The Hon. Mark Coure MP, Minister for Multiculturalism and Seniors launched the COVID-19 HOPE Toolkit (Help Options for Preparedness in Emergency) for Pacific Communities in NSW. The Toolkit is a comprehensive collection of ‘Life with COVID-19’ information, translated in Samoan, Tongan, Fijian, Cook Islands, Niuean and Fiji-Hindi.

PWPBN celebrates International Women’s Day

PWPBN celebrates International Women’s Day

“tiny droplets of us together can make an ocean of difference” Oceanic pride at its finest radiated as the Pacific Women’s Professional and Business Network (PWPBN) Inc. celebrated International Women’s Day, included stalls showcasing and selling products from businesses owned by Pacific women.