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International Women's Day

Celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of Pacific women.

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Honour Her

Recognize and show appreciation of the sacrifices and hard work of our dearest mothers. It’s her we turn to when needs arise. Thank you.

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Advocacy & Networking

Enabling women to develop strong networks locally and nationally, taking advantage of our international connections.

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Personal Well-being & Professional Development

Providing authentic leadership on women’s issues and building the capability of emerging women and girl leaders.

International Women’s Day 2024 – Message from the PWPBN Chair

March 8, 2024
PWPBN IWD 2024 Message from the Chaiir

Happy International Women’s Day to inspiring women and girls! Our recent Leadership Symposium emphasized a crucial message: ‘Empowered women, through faith, share, empower, and inspire.’ Your strength, courage, and determination are pillars of our community’s progress. Celebrating your achievements, let’s collectively strive for enduring gender equality in NSW and beyond. Resilient women, transformers bringing impact.

Despite strides, women and girls face obstacles – marginalization, injustice, discrimination, and violence. On International Women’s Day, we stand in solidarity, committing to accelerating progress. This year’s theme, Count ger in “Invest in Women,” calls for tangible financial commitment to culturally appropriate programs fostering inclusion.

Let’s take immediate, concerted action. The “Voyage to Leadership” symposium conveyed one key message: Leadership is about love, empathy, and genuine care. Love, faith, hope, purpose, and learning from guides are vital on the leadership journey in the digital age.

Loau Donina Va’a
Chair, Pacific Women’s Professional Business Network

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