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International Women's Day

Celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of Pacific women.

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Honour Her

Recognize and show appreciation of the sacrifices and hard work of our dearest mothers. It’s her we turn to when needs arise. Thank you.

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Advocacy & Networking

Enabling women to develop strong networks locally and nationally, taking advantage of our international connections.

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Personal Well-being & Professional Development

Providing authentic leadership on women’s issues and building the capability of emerging women and girl leaders.

PWPBN Unveils Inspirational Interim Leadership Plan at the 2024 Frangipani Gala 2nd March 2024 – Parramatta

March 9, 2024
PWPBN Board at the Frangipani Gala 2024
The Pacific Women’s Professional Business Network proudly announces an interim leadership plan following Chair Loau Donina Vaa’s appointment as CEO of the Ministry of Women, Community, and Social Development for Samoa. Leadership Transition. The Chair Loau Donina Vaa: Newly appointed CEO of the Ministry, remains committed to supporting PWPBN through advisory and intellectual contributions. – Seini Afeaki: Continues in her Senior Advisor role. – Jaithoon Venkteshwar: Newly elected Co-Chair, brings substantial corporate and community experience, particularly in preventative health for women.

“This transitional period marks a powerful continuation of PWPBN’s legacy, where our leaders remain steadfast in promoting women’s professional growth and empowerment,” remarked Loau, during the unveiling. Focus on Health and Wellbeing: Jaithoon Venkteshwar, a passionate Fijian national, will lead the Sunrise Sisterhood 2024 program, emphasizing health and wellbeing initiatives. Other board members include Secretary Naomi Tandingan, General board members Yasmin Iese, and Annette Posimani. The Young Pacific Women’s Collective Core Advisory Group will continue to offer support. Loau concluded: “As I share the leadership with the co-chair remember: true strength lies in the enduring impact. May your journey be purposeful, driven by the belief that one day, PWPBN won’t be needed anymore, signaling our success in breaking the cycle and witnessing women and girls thriving to greater heights alongside you.”

PWPBN Board at the Frangipani Gala 2024

PWPBN Board at the Frangipani Gala 2024. From left: Public Officer Annette Posimani, Senior Advisor Executive Seini Afeaki, General Executive Yasmin Iese, Secretary Naomi Tandingan, Co-chair and Treasurer Jaithoon Venkteshwar

PWPBN remains unwavering in its commitment to its mission, and the interim leadership is poised to steadfastly advance the organization’s goals.

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